My Mission

My mission is to equip school leaders  and classroom teachers with the the mindsets, tools and strategies to interrupt systemic inequity that will lead to a more inclusive and just world for kids.

My Values

Pursue Equity.  Through this training participants should expect to leave with a call to action. After elevating awareness and consciousness, participants enlist on the life long journey of eradicating oppression on all levels

Purposeful Learning.  Each experience is customized and tailored to meet the needs of your school and/or workplace. The idea is to leave fundamentally changed prepared to think, feel and do something different from when you showed up.  Each experience sets you up to put learning into action immediately! That you can expect from our time together.

Commitment to Collective. I believe that intelligence is malleable and with compassion and a growth mindset, anyone can embark on this journey to becoming a productive agitator and ally in the work of equity.   I can meet you where you are. My participants range from those who are just learning about systemic racism, and the definition of racism, to community organizers. All are welcome in this fight for equity.

Deconstruct and mobilize school leaders and teachers to interrupt systemic outcomes for all kids, and especially kids of color. Kids who come from marginalized communities are often failed by the adults, the work of interrupting and the patterned ways we have failed students time and time again.  The work we set out to do do looks at real data to learn more about the ways inequity plays out in the school system, and how these patterned ways of being directly contribute to the school to confinement pipeline. On my watch, that ends.


1. One day trainings

2. Monthly/Bi-Monthly, ongoing training and development

3. Full Immersion Experiences (Retreats)

4. Virtual Engagements

5. Resources

Any school leader or teacher looking to change their disciplinary practices and create a school where students can thrive. Teachers who are looking for additional resources to implement culturally responsive pedagogy and practices that would set kids up to thrive would be interested in training of this kind.


I wake up every day thinking about what it would look like for children from all backgrounds to have a life full of real choices and how they could use education as an access point to those choices.  

What if I told you that the current school system we have was not created for those things to happen for all students?

What if I told You.jpg

What if I told you that in order for all students to have a life full of choices, it would mean that we would need to first look at ourselves, the gatekeepers, to really dissect the ways our beliefs, actions and interactions impact the students we serve?  

Would you be willing to take that on? I did. And it fundamentally changed my life. Education is a core civil and human right. Everyday I wake up thinking about the ways we as educators can better serve the children we profess to love. Some of what I have come up with is that we need to start by first thinking about how our own backgrounds and experiences and upbringing have conditioned us to look at our children through a particular lens and one that is often not equitable or just. I get out of bed thinking about the ways to interrupt systemic ways schooling has degraded and marginalized the educational experience for young people in our country. I carry those thoughts with me to bed, and then wake up every day with a plan. One that would interrupt the ways that Black and Brown children are underserved in our schools, disciplined at higher rates including being three times as likely to be suspended or expelled, and the ways our young women are hyper sexualized through our school policies.  The training I design, challenges policies that often contribute to the school to confinement pipeline in ways that we sometimes aren’t ready to face but can rarely afford to ignore.

The training and professional development I design positions our teachers to tackle these barriers head on.  Teachers are forced to examine the functioning system that is schooling and create innovative ways to serve students.  All students deserve to have liberating and inclusive learning environments and our teachers deserve to have resources to help them create it.  This started with me thinking of what every child, every family, every teacher, administrator and school district deserved, so instead of continuing to dream of the what if?, I created it.  


Keiyonna Dubashi, Education Consultant, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Practitioner

Keiyonna served as a National Board Certified Teacher for 10 years before joining Teach for America staff as a Real Time Teacher Coach.  In 2009, she obtained her Masters of Art in Education in School Leadership and Administration. Since joining Teach for America staff in 2014, her role has evolved from direct coaching and support to designing learning experiences for incoming and current corps members implementing the practices for teachers to interrogate their own practices and create disruption in the school to confinement pipeline. She is in her fourth year as a full-time Teach for America staff member where she currently designs the curriculum for the region’s summer Institute program for classroom culture, professional development for all teachers, and the region’s Corps Member of Color Summit, programming dedicated to teachers who identify as people of color and from Indigenous Nations. In addition to designing professional development, she plays a role in the direct coaching and support of not only teachers but other teacher coaches as well.

In addition to her full time roles, she serves as a co-chair for the 2018 Black Corps Member Summit, a learning experience dedicated to Black educators, which takes place in Memphis, TN.  She currently serves as a member of the Regional Worktable, a group dedicated to facilitating the exchange of Diversity Equity and Inclusiveness expertise across the Teach for America network and works to contribute to the ongoing development of the company’s theory of leadership.

Most recently, she was named a member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusiveness council where she and her peers work to advise, inform, and make recommendations to senior leadership, including the company’s CEO, Elisa Villanueva Beard,  and other staff members leading enterprise wide DEI efforts to position Teach for America to live into the company's DEI commitments.

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY, Keiyonna moved to North Carolina when recruited from NY to teach.  The work she does in NC is rooted in the experiences she’s had growing up in Niagara Falls, and have helped to shape her deep seated convictions for one day ALL KIDS. Her unwavering commitment to students and young women of color led her to found her own girl’s mentorship group called #SaySomething, which elevates the voices of young women of color to speak out against oppression in their own communities.  She serves on the Equity committee on her son’s school PTA and is the VP of her neighborhood’s HOA. Her and her family currently reside in Raleigh, NC



National Board Certified Teacher (BA. and Masters Elementary Education, School Administration and Leadership)


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