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Professional Development for Educators

I specialize in creating unique learning experiences for school leaders, administrators, and teachers. Given your current state, we'll work together to create opportunities to take your teaching and leadership to the next level by clearly identifying goals and manifesting a vision for a more equitable learning environment for students. These professional development experiences can take the form of one on one coaching, where I spend intimate time with a few teachers tailoring professional development to their individual needs. Group coaching is a great opportunity to build the capacity of your staff and team to be accountable for the growth of their peers. This form of coaching helps to create a shift in culture and ways of being when you have a small few taking on new learning. The biggest impact is to embark on whole team/staff learning where everyone has access to the same learning and tools. Whole group learning can take the form of all day summit form or a retreat, which would involve a series of learning over a few consecutive days.

Choose the method that will give you the results you desire. We'll work to be clear about those when we begin our work together. Click the contact me form to kick off that process.


Classroom Culture and Management

Getting to the root of your classroom management challenges is work that is done over a series of learning where we work to identify the mindsets, actions and beliefs holding teachers back from building authentic relationships with kids. This lack of awareness often manifests as poor management and is addressed through a series of mindset coaching. In addition to getting clear about the thoughts and beliefs holding us back, practical systems are put in to place to create a safe, nurturing and productive learning environment where all kids thrive.


Student Activism

#SaySomething is a girls mentor group I co-founded in 2015 with the vision to develop leaders who dismantle systemic racism and challenge the status quo by occupying, leading and redefining spaces historically not accessible to women of color. Through this work, I've created pathways for students to be active participants in the decisions impacting them in their own personal lives, families, communities, school community and world. They are our current hope for change! Learn more about positioning students to be more of the change agents they already are!

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness

The work to create a more just world doesn't just come by passively participation. The act of confronting historic injustices and discrimination embedded in our institutions takes an orchestrated and organized effort of a collective group of individuals dedicated to things being different and more just. This learning will take us on the path of identifying ways we can interrupt patterns of predictability for success and failure by getting clear about the ways we may be participated and perpetuated racism, classism and other forms of oppression against marginalized communities. While working to become more aware, we'll also hold ourselves accountable to creating a more equitable system as a community of learners on the path towards equity.


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